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What is Tradebeat and why you need it?

Every day, every minute, every second you face an avalanche of information. This information shapes market prices and ultimately decides on a success or failure of your trades. Accessing this information is one thing, understanding it and making investment decisions based on it is another one.

This is where Tradebeat comes into its own. We analyse numerous news articles, data, speeches and comments, then select and interpret the important ones all for you. As a result you are left with the best trading information to assist your trading strategies.

Start tracking Tradebeat today and make sure that you are up to date with all the key market developments.

How joining Tradebeat will make you a successful trader?

- hundreds of thousands essential economic events analyzed by experienced economists

RELIABLE RECOMMENDATIONS - carefully prepared recommendations with specified levels of stop loss and take profit orders

INSTANT REACTION - whenever anything happens on the market our experts are always there to give you a quick update

EXCLUSIVE STRATEGIES - strategies recommended by experts revealing effective investing methods

How do I register?

To start, just register here and get a free 14 day trial. In order to get unlimited access to Tradebeat, you’ll need to open a real trading account with the XTB.

If you’re already an XTB account holder, simply register and toggle your access level in your account settings with your XTB account details.


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